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Faulkner’s Island Quiz



  1. What type of terns nest on Faulkner’s Island?
  2. When they fledge, where do they winter?
  3. Can you name at least 3 other birds that can be seen on or around Faulkner’s.
  4. What bird did the island receive its name from?
  5. What’s the largest mammal that can be seen on Faulkner’s during the winter?
  6. How many sides to the lighthouse?
  7. How tall above the water is the light?
  8. What is the source of power to operate the light?
  9. Can you name the types of fuel that was used before the light was electrified?
  10. What year was the lighthouse constructed?
  11. Who was president at that time?
  12. What year was the light keepers’ house destroyed?
  13. Since the island runs north to south, when looking north, what significant land structure can be seen? Hint, it borders Durham.
  14. What is the name of the large island almost south of Faulkner’s?
  15. If there’s a light on the island, why is there a “navaid” (buoy) in the water just north of the island?
  16. What the name of the official publication of the Faulkner’s Light Brigade?
  17. How large is Faulkner’s island?
  18. How far is Faulkner’s island off Guilford’s coastline?
  19. What is the importance of the lighthouse and island today?
  20. Why is Faulkner’s lighthouse so vulnerable?
  21. What is the lighthouse’s light effective range?
  22. The island was purchased from Medad Stone for how much?
  23. What year was the light converted to solar power?
  24. Is access to the island ever restricted? Why and when?
  25. What is the foundation material of the lighthouse?
  26. Can you name two books and their authors that tell the story of Faulkner’s Island?
  27. Is a nautical mile longer or shorter than a statute mile?
  28. What type of vessel has the island been mistaken for when seen from a distance?



1) Common & Roseate. 2) Brazil. 3) Cormorants, osprey, gulls, egrets, herons, oystercatchers. 4) Peregrine falcon. 5) Harbor seal & gray seal. 6) Eight. 7) Ninety feet. 8) Solar. 9) Whale oil, lard oil, kerosene. 10) 1802. 11) Thomas Jefferson. 12) 1976. 13) Bluff head. 14) Long Island. 15) North reef indicator. 16) Octagon. 17) 3 acres. 18) 3.5 miles. 19) Navigational aid & wildlife refuge. 20) Wind & tide, northeast exposure. 21) 13 to 15 nautical miles. 22) $325. 23) 1986. 24) All year except during open houses. It’s a wildlife refuge. 25) Fieldstone. 26) The Island Called Faulkner’s by Joel Helander & The Lighthouses of Connecticut by Jeremy D’Entremont. 27) Longer, it is 1.15 statue mile. 28) Submarine.